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The Virtual Classroom of Dr. Chad Foster


Welcome to the virtual classroom of the Rev. Dr. Chad Foster of Immanuel congregation in Murray, KY.  Dr. Foster offers two weekly classes to the public.  The Sunday morning class is archived on this page and the Torah Tuesday class is linked above.

The virtual classroom will offer some of the handouts, audio, and in some cases, video,  from the classes. However, the best way to experience the classes is in person.  Often, there are "bonus" discussions and material that are not recorded or posted online.

The Sunday morning class meets at Immanuel at 9:00am and Torah Tuesdays meets at Immanuel at 7:00pm.  Immanuel is located at 100 South 15th Street in Murray (right across from Sparks Hall of Murray State University).  Contact us also for information about Biblical Festivals and Shabbat events.

You may email Dr. Chad Foster at or

The Sunday Shul Class

The current Sunday morning course being offered at Immanuel is entitled The Chronicles of Messiah. 

This course is about the greatest story ever told! The course will be a Hebraic roots commentary using a narrative approach to the four Gospels, following the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth from his birth to his ascension.  We will read the Gospel story in its historical and original Jewish context; unravel the difficult words and parables of the Master from Nazareth; study rabbinic parallels to the Gospel teachings; and discover the true Gospel message and call to discipleship.

For the most part, we will do a passage by passage study through the story of the Messiah in one continuous Gospel narrative, which will also be keyed to the Torah and prophetic writings.

We will study the life of Rabbi Jesus through Hebraic eyes, stripping away centuries of theological dressings and cultural misinterpretations. For many, this course will be like reading the Gospels for the very first time! 

Below are some of the handouts and audio from the class.


Click here for your first-century toolbox



Handout Class One                   Class One Audio


Handout Class Two                   Class Two Audio 


Handout Class Three                Class Three Audio


Handout Class Four                  Class Four Audio


Handout Class Five                   Class Five Audio


Handout Class Six                    Class Six Audio


Handout Class Seven               Class Seven Audio 


Handout Class Eight                 Class Eight Audio 


Handout Class Nine                  Class Nine Audio


Handout Class Ten                   Class Ten Audio  


Handout Class Eleven              Class Eleven Audio


Handout Class Twelve              Class Twelve Audio


Handout Class Thirteen            Class Thirteen Audio


Handout Class Fourteen           Class Fourteen Audio


Handout Class Fifteen              Class Fifteen Audio


Handout Class Sixteen             Audio Malfunction! Sorry :-(


Handout Class Seventeen         Class Seventeen Audio


Handout Class Eighteen            Class Eighteen Audio


Handout Class Nineteen           Class Nineteen Audio


Handout Class Twenty               Class Twenty Aduio


Handout Class Twenty-one        Class Twenty-one Audio


Handout Class Twenty-two         Class Twenty-two Audio


Handout Class Twenty-three      Class Twenty-three Audio


Handout Class Twenty-four        Special Beatitudes   Class Twenty-four Audio


Handout Class Twenty-five         Class Twenty-five Audio


Handout Class Twenty-six          Class Twenty-six Audio


Handout Class Twenty-seven     Class Twenty-seven Audio


Handout Class Twenty-eight      Class Twenty-eight Audio 


Handout Class Twenty-nine       Class Twenty-nine Audio


Handout Class Thirty                   Class Thirty Audio


Handout Class Thirty-one           Class Thirty-one Audio


Handout Class Thirty-two            Class Thirty-two Audio


Handout Class Thirty-three         Class Thirty-three Audio


Handout Class Thirty-four           Class Thirty-four Audio


Handout Class Thirty-five           Class Thirty-five Audio


Handout Class Thirty-six            Class Thirty-Six Audio


Handout Class Thirty-seven       Class Thirty-Seven Audio  (incomplete)


Handout Class Thirty-eight        Class Thirty-eight Audio


Handout Class Thirty-nine         Class Thirty-nine Audio


Handout Class Forty                   Class Forty Audio


Handout Class Forty-one          Class Forty-one Audio


Handout Class Forty-two           Class Forty-two Audio


Handout Class Forty-three        Class Forty-three Audio


Handout Class Forty-four          Class Forty-four Audio


Handout Class Forty-five           Class Forty-five Audio


Handout Class Forty-six            Class Forty-six Audio


Handout Class Forty-seven      Class Forty-seven Audio


Handout Class Forty-eight       Class Forty-eight Audio (missing last 10 minutes)


Handout Class Forty-nine        Class Forty-nine Audio


Handout Class Fifty                   Class Fifty Audio


Handout Class Fifty-one          Class Fifty-one Audio


Handout Class-Fifty-two          Class Fifty-two Audio   


Handout Class Fifty-three        Class Fifty-three Audio


Handout Class Fifty-four          Class Fifty-four Audio


Handout Class Fifty-five          Class Fifty-five Audio


Handout Class Fifty-six           Class Fifty-six Audio


Handout Class Fifty-seven     Class Fifty-seven Audio


Handout Class Fifty-eight       Class Fifty-eight Audio


Handout Class Fifty-nine       Class Fifty-nine Audio


Handout Class Sixty               Class Sixty Audio


Handout Class Sixty-one       Class Sixty-one Audio


Handout Class Sixty-two        Class Sixty-two Audio


Handout Class Sixty-three     Class Sixty-three Audio


Handout Class Sixty-four       Class Sixty-four Audio


Handout Class Sixty-five       Class Sixty-five Audio


Handout Class Sixty-six        Class Sixty-six Audio            Video Class Sixty-six


Handout Class Sixty-seven   Class Sixty-seven Audio      Video Class Sixty-seven


Handout Class Sixty-eight     Class Sixty-eight Audio        Video Class Sixty-eight


Handout Class Sixty-nine      Class Sixty-nine Audio        Video for Class Sixty-nine


Handout Class Seventy         Class Seventy Audio            Video for Class Seventy


Handout Seventy-one            Seventy-one Audio               Video for Seventy-one


Handout Seventy-two            Seventy-two Audio                 Video for Seventy-two


Handout Seventy-three         Seventy-three Audio              Video for Seventy-three


Handout Seventy-four           Seventy-four Audio                Video for Seventy-four


Handout Seventy-five            Seventy-five Audio                 Video for Seventy-five


Handout Seventy-six             Seventy-six Audio                  Video for Seventy-six


Handout Seventy-seven        Seventy-seven Audio            Video for Seventy-seven


Handout Seventy-eight         Seventy-eight Audio               Video for Seventy-eight


Handout Seventy-nine          Seventy-nine Audio                Video for Seventy-nine


Handout Class Eighty           Class Eighty Audio                 No video this week - sorry


Handout Class Eighty-one   Class Eighty-one Audio          Video for Eighty-one


Handout Class Eighty-two   Class Eighty-two Audio          No video this week - sorry


Handout for Eighty-three     Class Eighty-three Audio        Video for Eighty-three


Handout for Eighty-four       Class Eighty-four Audio          Video for Eighty-four


Handout for Eighty-five        (Major Audio/Visual malfunction.  Best class ever, too!)


Handout for Eighty-six         Class Eighty-six Audio           Video for Eighty-six


Handout for Eighty-seven    Class Eighty-seven Audio      Video for Eighty-seven


Handout for Eighty-eight     Class Eighty-eight Audio       Video for Eighty-eight


Handout for Eighty-nine      Class Eighty-nine Audio        Video for Eighty-nine


Handout for Class Ninety     Video only this week            Video for Ninety


Handout Class Ninety-one   Audio for Ninety-one           Video for Ninety-one


Handout Class Ninety-two   Audio for Ninety-two           Video for Ninety-two


Handout Ninety-three            Audio for Ninety-three        Video for Ninety-three


Handout Ninety-four              Audio for Ninety-four          Video for Ninety-four


Handout Ninety-five              Audio for Ninety-five           Video for Ninety-five


Handout for Ninety-six          Audio for Ninety-six            Video for Ninety-six


Handout for Ninety-seven    Audio for Ninety-seven       Video for Ninety-seven


Handout for Ninety-eight     Audio for Ninety-eight         Video for Ninety-eight


Handout for Ninety-nine      Audio for Ninety-nine          Video for Ninety-nine


Handout for Class 100         Audio for Class 100            Video for Class 100


Handout for Class 101         Major Malfunction!  So sorry.


Handout for Class 102         Video only                          Video for Class 102


Handout for Class 103         Audio for Class 103             Video for Class 103


Handout for Class 104         Audio for Class 104             Video for Class 104


Handout for Class 105         Audio for Class 105             Video for Class 105


Handout for Class 106         Audio for Class 106             Video for Class 106


Handout for Class 107         Audio for Class 107             Video for Class 107


Handout for Class 108         Audio for Class 108             Video for Class 108


Handout for Class 109         Audio for Class 109             Video for Class 109


Handout for Class 110         Audio for Class 110             Video for Class 110


Handout for Class 111         Audio for Class 111             Video for Class 111


Handout for Class 112         Audio for Class 112             Video for Class 112


Handout for Class 113         Audio for Class 113             Video for Class 113


Handout for Class 114         Audio for Class 114             Video for Class 114


Handout for Class 115         Audio for Class 115             Video for Class 115


Handout for Class 116         Audio for Class 116             Video for Class 116


Handout for Class 117         Audio for Class 117             Video for Class 117


Handout for Class 118         Audio for Class 118             Video for Class 118


Handout for Class 119         Audio for Class 119             Video for Class 119


Handout for Class 120         Audio for Class 120             Video for Class 120


Handout for Class 121         Audio for Class 121             Video for Class 121


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Some Previous Classes

Please Enjoy the Following Materials from Previous Sunday Courses: 

 The Book of James

The book of James (aka, "The Responsa of Jacob") has a universal moral and ethical message.  Written at the beginning of the “Jesus movement,” the brother of Jesus was witnessing some of the controversies and issues pressuring the new assembly.   How would this new community of Jewish believers, now fully accepting Gentile converts, resolve the tensions between the two worldviews?

In this class, we simply went verse-by-verse, translating the text from the Greek and Hebrew sources, to uncover how James engages the delicate topics such as works and grace, obedience and charity, and other ethical dilemmas. Some of the audio from the classes are listed below.  Please enjoy.

Week One Audio for James

Week Two Audio for James (the first few minutes are bad quality, but stick with it, for it does improve!)

Week Three Audio for James 

Week Four Audio for James 

Week Five Audio for James 

Week Six Audio for James

Week Seven Audio for James

Week Eight Audio for James 

Week Nine Audio for James       Special Handout for the Week 

Week Ten Audio for James 

Week Eleven Audio for James 

Week Twelve Audio for James 

Week Thirteen Audio for James 

Week Fourteen Audio for James 

Week Fifteen Audio for James 

Week Sixteen Audio for James 

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Study of Scripture.  We post some of the materials from this course for your listening pleasure.

The discovery of the texts at Qumran is sometimes described as the most important textual discovery of the twentieth-century.  Forty percent of the biblical texts in Qumran are closely aligned with the Hebrew text that lies behind our English Bibles.  This indicates that the biblical texts were copied with the utmost care over the centuries.

The discovery of non-biblical texts was also very important.  This greatly increased our knowledge of Jewish movements during the Second Temple period and the time of Jesus.  For instance, we now know that there was not one mainstream “Judaism” at the time of Jesus, but instead there were various and varied expressions.


The Qumran texts provide rich background material for today’s Bible student.  They shed light on the New Testament and are helpful to all serious students of the Bible for deepening their understanding of the Scriptures.


Below are some of the materials from the classes.


Dead Sea Handout Week 1      Dead Sea Scrolls Week 1 Audio 

Dead Sea Handout Week 2      Dead Sea Scrolls Week 2 Audio

Dead Sea Handout Week 3      Dead Sea Scrolls Week 3 Audio 

Dead Sea Handout Week 4      Dead Sea Scrolls Week 4 Audio

Dead Sea Handout Week 5      Dead Sea Scrolls Week 5 Audio